Type tab for IMBs

On the Type tab, you specify the name of the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB) area and whether to create a BCOCA or text barcode.

Fields on the Type tab

Field Value Description
Barcode name Any combination of a-z, A-Z, 0–9, special characters, and blanks. The name of the barcode area. For example, you could name the barcode IMB.
Barcode representation Output type
BCOCA object AFP Editor creates barcode objects using Bar Code Object Content Architecture (BCOCA) structured fields. In general, BCOCA barcodes are preferred to text barcodes. However, some older printers cannot process newer barcode types. For example, IBM 3900 printers cannot process IMBs. In this case, text barcodes are required.

This is the default.

Text barcode AFP Editor creates text barcodes that use the AFP barcode font.
Note: AFP Editor uses the 300 dpi AFP IMB font (US23), which produces a standard height barcode: character set C0XMUS23 and code page T100USPS. If you create text barcodes, you must install the IMB font in the AFP resource directories that AFP Visual Environment uses. Otherwise, AFP Visual Environment cannot display the barcode symbol.
Output size
Optimal Size AFP Editor creates BCOCA barcodes so they are displayed in the best size for viewing and printing. This is the default.
Compact Size AFP Editor creates BCOCA barcodes so they are displayed in a compact size.