Modifying index tags for text blocks

You can modify the index tags for AFP text blocks that were created with AFP Indexer, including page group indexes, page-level indexes, NOP indexes, and supplemental page indexes.
Note: In AFP Visual Environment you can display measurement units in inches or millimeters. To change the measurement unit, click View Units.

To modify an index tag for a text block:

  1. In AFP Visual Environment, open a sample AFP file and the control file that contains the definitions for the index tags. Then click Mode AFP Indexer.
  2. Click Tools Modify Definitions.
    You see the Modify and Delete Definitions window with index tags.
    Note: You can only modify index tags that exist in the control file. If index tags are displayed in the bottom pane but not in the Modify and Delete Definitions window, the index tags exist in the AFP file itself and you cannot modify them.
  3. Select the index tag that you want to modify.
  4. Click Modify, or double-click.
    You see the Modify Index Tag window, Modify Page Index Tag window, or Modify Supplemental Page Index Tag window, depending on which type of index tag you are modifying.
  5. To change the name of the index tag, type a new name in the Index tag name field.
  6. To change the code page encoding, select an encoding from the drop-down list.
    This field is not displayed for NOP index tags.
  7. To edit the index value, click Edit index value. Edit the index value in the Edit Value window and click OK.
  8. Click the Advanced tab, if present, to change the text threshold to look for a text value that is in slightly different positions on some pages.
    You can select a range from 1/100 to 1 inch or from 1 to 25 millimeters.

    Keep in mind that if you increase the threshold above the default value, you might create an index tag you did not expect because the match is only done on location, so the first text block found in the threshold range is used as the index tag.

  9. Click OK. You see the index tags listed in the bottom pane for each page group.
  10. To close the Modify and Delete Definitions window, click X in the upper right corner.