Modifying known white space definitions

You can modify a definition for white space that you know exists on a page.
  • In AFP Visual Environment you can display measurement units in inches or millimeters. To change the measurement unit, click View Units.
To modify a known white space definition:
  1. In AFP Visual Environment, open a sample AFP file and the control file that contains the definitions for white space.
  2. Click Mode Whitespace Manager.
  3. Click Tools Modify Definitions.
  4. Do one of these:
    • Select a known white space definition and then click Modify.
    • Double-click the known white space definition that you want to modify.
    You see the Using known white space window. The Current Page field displays the page in the page group where the white space was created. If the Which Page field is grayed-out, you cannot change it.
  5. Optional: On the White space tab, type a new name for the white space area in the Definition name field and select a page option from the Which Page drop-down list if it is available.
  6. Optional: On the Position tab, change the origin (top-left corner) and size (width and height) of the white space area.
  7. Click OK.