Configuring First Failure Data Capture (FFDC)

Follow this procedure to configure FFDC:
  1. Log into the AIX system as root.
  2. Enter this from the command line:
     smit pd_psf_ffdc
  3. Specify an existing directory for PATH Used for Capture File. This is the directory that the FFDC system uses for storing up to two pdcaptures (depending on available space). Since a single pdcapture averages approximately 8 megabytes, the directory that is specified in this field should have at least 8-10 megabytes of free space available. After two captures are performed, the oldest of the two captures is overwritten by newer captures, so 16-20 megabytes of free space is recommended. The default directory path is $PDBASE/debug. Usually this will be /var/pd/debug, but the value of $PDBASE can be determined by typing echo $PDBASE on the AIX command line.
  4. Specify a valid E-mail address for the Notification Email Address. When the FFDC system detects a failure in an InfoPrint server or actual destination, an E-mail message is sent to this address notifying the recipient of the failure and the name of the server (or associated server) involved.
  5. To enable the FFDC system, set the Data Capture field to on. To disable the FFDC