Receiving messages

To receive messages, you must have InfoPrint Manager Notifications installed and running on your workstation. The Notification window can be minimized on both Windows and AIX systems if you do not want it open on your desktop. You have to restore it when you want to check the messages that have arrived.

The Installer places a shortcut in the user's Startup directory so that Notifications starts automatically on Windows systems.

You receive certain messages without having to do anything else; for example, messages about print jobs that you have submitted (including messages about the printers to which you send your jobs) come to you by default. Most of the messages you receive about jobs provide reasons for a job not printing. If you receive one of them, you can either resend the job or try to resolve the problem.

To receive messages about other objects (for example, about printers that you manage), you can change the notification profile for those objects. The delivery address in your InfoPrint Notifications Settings window must match the delivery address specified in one of the values of the notification profile of the object that you want to receive messages for. For more information, see "Using InfoPrint Manager Notifications" in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for AIX: Procedures.