Create a BSD destination for the DocuTech 135 printer

Using the InfoPrint basic administrator's GUI, do these steps:
  1. Drag the BSD template from the Types column in the template area, and drop it on the Actual Destinations pane. You will be prompted to select the server that will contain the actual destination.
  2. Fill in the required information fields. Physical printer name is a name you determine, and the command will be as follows: /usr/lpd/rembak -S docu1 -P docutech135 where -S is the name of the remote print server where the job will be sent, and where -P is the name of the queue on the remote print server where the job will be sent.
  3. Select the OK button. InfoPrint creates a new actual destination using the information you supplied. It also creates a new logical destination and new default job. The new default job is associated with the new logical destination and requests the actual destination.
  4. Enable the actual destination and logical printer.