How do you make AFP resources available?

AFP Download Plus can send all needed AFP resources with the print files. When this is used, the AFP resources do not need to be accessible to the AIX system. If AFP Download Plus is configured to not send all needed AFP resources or Download for z/OS is in use, the AFP resources needed for the jobs need to be accessible to theAIX system.

For jobs that require AFP resources located on the MVS system, you can use the Network File System (NFS) mount command to make MVS file systems containing resources accessible to the AIX system on which InfoPrint is running. Or you can have the resources located on theAIX system. You use the shell script, supplied with InfoPrint in the /usr/lpp/pd/bin directory, to specify the location of the resources.

You can associate named media with the bins where they are loaded. By using Page Printer Formatting Aid (PPFA), you can create form definitions for your MVS jobs that contain MO:DCA medium maps that specify m