What is the MVS Download Receiver daemon?

InfoPrint Manager provides a daemon, mvsprsd, which receives data sets from one or more MVS systems. If you expect a high volume of data, you can configure several mvsprsd daemons to receive the data sets from MVS.

To configure an mvsprsd daemon, you must do these tasks:

  1. Make the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) resources on the MVS system available to InfoPrint if they are not already available.
  2. Use the default version or a customized version of the shell script mvsprpsm.sh supplied with InfoPrint Manager. See Modifying the InfoPrint mvsprpsm.sh shell script for more information.
  3. Assign a port number to the InfoPrint Manager MVS Download Receiver daemon and start the daemon using the mvsprsd command.

    See Using the mvsprsd command to start the daemon .