Commands you can use from the InfoPrint AIX client

InfoPrint Manager lets authorized users (normally all users) use these InfoPrint commands:

Lists selected attribute values for a job, destination, or other InfoPrint object
Submits a job to a logical or actual destination
Queries the status of selected jobs, of all jobs submitted to a logical destination, or of all jobs assigned to an actual destination

InfoPrint Manager lets authorized users (the job owner is usually authorized) use these InfoPrint commands:

Modifies the attributes of submitted jobs or of the documents in them
Deletes jobs

InfoPrint Manager allows only authorized users to use these InfoPrint commands:

Collects summary accounting information for a specified time period in a comma delimited format about actual destinations on one or more servers. This information can be filed and imported into a spread sheet to calculate the cost of consumables, the usage rate of printers, the cost for each user, and so forth.
Creates logical destinations