Installing the InfoPrint Manager Linux clients

Before installing the InfoPrint Manager Linux Command Line Client, make sure you have the following prerequisites installed on your system:

  • (GLIBC_2.0)
  • (GLIBC_2.1)
  • (GLIBC_2.1.3)
  • (GLIBC_2.2)
  • (GCC_3.0)
  • (CXXABI_1.2)
  • (GLIBCPP_3.2)

To install the InfoPrint Manager: Linux Clients:

  1. Log into the Linux system as root.
  2. If you are installing from the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Common Clients DVD-ROM, LCD4-5642:
    1. Insert the DVD-ROM into the drive.
    2. Mount the file system by typing:
      mount /dev/cdrom /media/<mount_point>
    3. Type: