Using OpenType Fonts

This section describes what you need to use OpenType Fonts for printing with InfoPrint Manager.

These fonts offer many benefits over printing with standard font resources. They provide users with these benefits:

  • A wide range of non-Latin typefaces from which to choose
  • A multilingual presentation environment through the support of Unicode
  • A migration path towards a single font technology across all presentation environments

OpenType Fonts have these three characteristics in the font file:

  1. A Microsoft Unicode version of Version 3 Release 1.
  2. Microsoft Unicode Full Font Names
  3. A Unicode character map (CMAP)

    A CMAP defines the mapping of code points to glyph indices, which are used to index the actual character shape information.

If your fonts do not contain all these elements, they cannot be used with InfoPrint Manager. If the InfoPrint AFP Resource Installer (Program Number 5639-EE2) does not install a font, that font does not meet this criteria.