Checking printer status

To check the status of your printer before committing a print job:

  1. Access the Select Target Printer dialog by clicking the icon in the system taskbar.
    • The Select Target Printer dialog starts automatically when Windows first loads. To start the InfoPrint Manager Printers dialog at another time, go to Start Programs InfoPrint Select Open Printer Selection.
  2. In the Select Target Printer dialog, select the printer that you want to check from the Target Printer Selection list.
  3. Right-click your selection and select View Printer Status.

The Enabled and Status columns reflect the current state of actual and logical destinations that could be used to process the job. If there is a backup printer defined for your printer, it will be listed in the Backup Printer column. A backup printer is a backup actual destination. To add a backup actual destination, your administrator can set the backup-destinations attribute for the printer that you want to backup. See RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference for more information.