Specifying InfoPrint attributes

The enhanced InfoPrint Select client lets you send InfoPrint attributes with your print jobs. Once you activate the attributes dialog (see Selecting enhanced or standard InfoPrint Select), the Job Settings window appears when you submit a job. By clicking on the Scheduling tab, you can modify the default scheduling values on the InfoPrint server from your Select client. By clicking on the Other tab, you can:

  • Specify an attribute file that you have created with particular values that will be passed onto the InfoPrint server (for example, C:\combo.att).
  • Specify an individual attribute that will be passed onto the InfoPrint server ( for example, job-name=Job1).
  • Suppress job submission error messages that lets you disable submission error message boxes. This enables unattended operation.
  • Re-spool jobs if submission fails that lets you automatically re-spool failed job submissions. Re-spooled jobs will be placed in the windows print queue in a paused state. The reason for the paused state will be shown in the "Comments" column of the printer dialog if the user has administrator privileges. To resubmit the print job you need to highlight the job in the printer dialog, then Restart and Resume the job. This allows the Windows printing mechanism to resend the data from the beginning.

The combo.att file cited above is a sample file which contains this:
printer-models-requested    = InfoPrint4000
printer-locations-requested = 'Building 025'
job-priority                = 25
job-retention-period        = 01:30
For more information about additional attributes and the syntax for specifying them, see both the InfoPrint Select online help and the RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference manual.
  1. Before specifying any InfoPrint attributes, For specific information and syntax rules, see RICOH InfoPrint Manager: Reference.
  2. The InfoPrint Select Other tab does not contain a syntax checker, so verify that the format of attributes, specified in either an attributes file or as individual attributes, are in the correct format. If there are syntax errors, you will receive the same messages provided for syntax errors on commands sent from a command line.
  3. If you specify the same InfoPrint attribute from different locations with different values, please note that this hierarchy is how InfoPrint Manager determines what to send with the job:
    1. Values specified in the Attributes field on the Other tab.
    2. Values specified in the Attributes file field on the Other tab.
    3. Any values specified on either the General, Scheduling, or Messages tab.