Pull InfoPrint Manager to a remote system

Before running the InfoPrint Installer, make sure you have X-server installed on your workstation. You need X-Windows display support to run the install procedure.

Follow these instructions to Pull InfoPrint Manager to a remote system on which you want to install InfoPrint Manager.

  1. Set up the InfoPrint Manager software server by following the instructions in Configuring the InfoPrint Manager software server.
  2. From the remote system, log in as root and perform these steps:
    1. Create the /ip_remote directory on the target system: mkdir /ip_remote.
    2. Mount the InfoPrint Manager software server as an NFS file system:
      mount Infoprint_Manager_software_server_hostname:/ip_remote /ip_remote
  3. Begin the installation process by entering this command:
    /ip_remote/setup -s /ip_remote

    The InfoPrint Installer begins by checking your configuration and displays some messages regarding system checks and verifications.

    The InfoPrint Installer then opens and prompts users for information to define their configurations, as described in Installing server software and features locally with the Installer.

    Note: For troubleshooting information about the installation process, refer to the specific /var/log/pd/install/*.wlog files.