Installing server software and features locally with the Installer

Before running the InfoPrint Installer, make sure you have X-server installed on your workstation. You need X-Windows display support to run the install procedure.

This procedure steps through a local installation of the InfoPrint Manager for AIX base and features, using the InfoPrint Installer GUI.

  1. To install InfoPrint Manager server software or optional InfoPrint Manager for AIX features using the InfoPrint Manager for AIX Installer on the local AIX server, enter this command:

    The InfoPrint Manager Installer begins by checking your configuration and might display some messages regarding system checks and verifications.

  2. The first screen displayed is the Installer’s language selection screen. Select the language that you want to use with InfoPrint Manager Installer. For more information about how to add extra languages, see Adding or removing languages.

    Click OK to proceed.