Attributes for actual destinations

Considerations about attributes for actual destinations:
  • InfoPrint uses actual destinations for job validation and scheduling. See Job validation and scheduling for an explanation of job validation and scheduling and for tables showing the attributes used for these tasks.
  • InfoPrint uses the actual destination xxx-supported attributes for job validation. InfoPrint uses both the xxx-ready and the xxx-supported attributes for job scheduling.
  • InfoPrint issues an error if you update an xxx-ready attribute with a value not currently assigned to the corresponding xxx-supported attribute.
  • Actual destinations have different attribute sets based on the DSS that supports the destination.
  • Device-specific actual destination attributes provide information that comes from the physical printer.
    Note: The device-specific attributes are not returned when you ask for all the actual destination's attributes. You have to request the device-specific attributes individually or you can use -r all-device to query all the device-specific attributes. The device-contact and device-location device-specific attributes can only be modified with the pdset command or the Device Management GUI (DMG).
  • InfoPrint supplies some files containing attributes that have the values for some of the actual destination attributes already set, based on the output device model or destination attachment type. You will find these files containing attributes in the /usr/lpp/pd/attr directory for InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux and in the install_path\attr directory for InfoPrint Manager for Windows.