Migrating to InfoPrint Manager Version 4.11

Start here for an upgrade installation

This section describes how to begin an upgrade installation of a pre-existing InfoPrint Manager system. If you are not performing an upgrade installation, see Installation options for other options.

Important: Migrating to InfoPrint Manager Version 4.11 from an older version requires environment-wide updates. If you plan to migrate a server, be sure to allocate time and resources to make these upgrades:
  • Upgrade all management and job submission client applications on all networked workstations to the Version 4.11 level.
  • Upgrade all InfoPrint Manager servers that interoperate to the Version 4.11 level.

If you have previously installed InfoPrint Manager software on your Linux system, you might have invested considerable time defining your printing system configuration. The InfoPrint Installer gives you the option to migrate your InfoPrint Manager product configuration to InfoPrint Manager Version 4.11, but you will need to reinstall any features that you use with InfoPrint. Be sure to select all of the appropriate features when presented with the feature selection screen during the migration.