Installing and using InfoPrint Manager Notifications

InfoPrint Manager Notifications is the default application that you can use to receive messages about InfoPrint objects. InfoPrint objects, for example, can be print jobs, destinations, queues, and servers. Using Notifications, InfoPrint Manager can send you a message when a job is finished printing, or it can let you know if there is a problem with the printer. There are also other notification methods. For more information, see "Using InfoPrint Manager Notifications" in RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Procedures.

InfoPrint Select
If you have installed InfoPrint Select and use it to submit your print jobs to InfoPrint Manager, messages about your jobs continue to be sent to Select Notification, even if you install InfoPrint Manager Notifications. You can still use InfoPrint Manager Notifications to receive messages about other objects.

The InfoPrint Manager Notifications server and Notifications client software are both automatically installed on the same system that runs your InfoPrint Manager server software. In addition, you can install the Notifications client on any other Windows, Linux or AIX system that is connected to the same network. Follow the procedures in this chapter to install and use the InfoPrint Manager Notifications client to receive messages from your InfoPrint Manager server.

For InfoPrint Manager Notifications to function properly, only one InfoPrint Manager Notifications server can be running in the same InfoPrint Manager namespace. For information about handling the Notification server in InfoPrint Manager multiple-server environments, see Multi-server environments. InfoPrint Manager should automatically start a Notification server on port 8200, but you should verify that it is running. Each Notification client defaults to receive notifications from a server named notification on port 8200.

Important: Your site network administrator should add the name notification as an alias for the InfoPrint Manager Notifications server to the site's Domain Name Service (DNS) server. Once this is done, the default settings in all of the Notification clients should work. If you ever move the Notification server to another host, you only need to update the notification alias on the DNS server for the default settings in all the Notification clients to work.

If you do not use a DNS server alias, you need to set up each Notification client to point to the hostname of the InfoPrint server that is running the Notification server.

For the InfoPrint Manager Notifications client to receive notification messages from the InfoPrint Manager server, the delivery address setting in the Notification client must match the delivery address in the notification profile of the InfoPrint Manager destination, job or other object.