Creating and managing actual destinations

The InfoPrint actual destination is the software representation of an output device. An actual destination can be a physical printer (representing a printer device), or an e-mail destination (representing an email server).

For help in selecting the type of actual destination to create, see Understanding Destination Support Systems (DSS).

You create and manage InfoPrint actual destinations through the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI, the command line, or the migration utility. This topic describes how you create new actual destinations and usage tips for displaying actual destination information:

Before creating an actual destination, we recommend that you power on the actual destination, such as a printer. This allows proper initialization of the printer bin configuration using SNMP.

Create an actual destination for each output device used with your InfoPrint Manager system. You can use the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI or the command line to create an actual destination.

The attributes of the actual destination describe the features, functions, and capabilities of the device. InfoPrint validates that a device is available that supports the requirements of a job before accepting and processing the job.

You can create an InfoPrint actual destination in the same InfoPrint server that contains the queue it will receive jobs on or in a different server.