Installing InfoPrint Manager

InfoPrint Manager consists of several software components. Software Base components are included when you purchase InfoPrint Manager for Linux, while optional components are additions to the base product that you can purchase and install through the Base DVD-ROM. These additions are also called features.

The InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Base Server DVD-ROM, LCD2-20035, contains all the software for installing an InfoPrint Manager server on a Linux system. All these components are installed with the server and allow you to administer print operations from the system on which the server is installed:

  • InfoPrint Manager Server
  • InfoPrint Manager Administration and Operations (Interfaces)

    Allows you to administer print operations from the system that the server is installed on.

  • InfoPrint Manager Notifications server

    Lets the InfoPrint Manager server send status messages about InfoPrint objects to InfoPrint Manager Notifications clients.

  • InfoPrint Manager Notifications client

    Lets the InfoPrint Manager server show messages on the system that is installed on.

  • InfoPrint Manager Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Gateway

    Lets you submit printing jobs using the IPP protocol via the InfoPrint Manager to printers.

  • InfoPrint Line Printer Daemon (LPD) Gateway

    Allows users to submit jobs through the LPD Gateway to an InfoPrint Manager server

  • InfoPrint Manager MVS Download

    Allows you to print MVS jobs on InfoPrint Manager printers.

  • InfoPrint Manager Transforms

    Allows you to run various transforms like: db2afp, d2afp, gif2afp, img2afp, jpeg2afp, line2afp, pcl2afp, pdf2afp, ps2afp, tiff2afp, xml2afp, and xml2pdf.

  • InfoPrint Manager Web Server

    Allows you to run and administrate web applications such as Pull Print or Web Interface. The Web Server is installed with the base server and it runs on the system only if it is set to start automatically.

  • InfoPrint Manager Web Interface

    Allows InfoPrint Manager to run administration and operations on a web browser user interface.

This DVD-ROM also contains the following InfoPrint Manager features:

  • InfoPrint Manager SAP Print Feature
  • InfoPrint Manager Pull Print Feature
  • InfoPrint Manager AFP2PDF Feature

  • To identify the Linux operating system versions supported, see the RICOH InfoPrint Manager for Linux: Planning Guide, G550–20262.
  • You must run the InfoPrint Manager Installer from the most recent Service DVD-ROM.
  • Installation must be conducted using the root user.
  • The InfoPrint Manager installation program creates a new local user account used for the application to run. The default system user is ipm1 and the default group is sys. The default password for the ipm1 user account is Inf0PrintManager.