Managing subscription licensing

A subscription is a type of license that allows you to maintain access and usage of RICOH InfoPrint Manager and its features for a defined period of time in exchange of a fee.

To install a subscription license:

  1. Go to, the InfoPrint Manager trial page, and request a trial.
  2. Once the trial has been approved, download and install the latest InfoPrint Manager version.
    • You can try the product for a period of 60 days, after which the product stops functioning.
    • The InfoPrint Manager Base Server and the following features are available for your evaluation:
      • InfoPrint Manager AFP2PDF Feature
      • InfoPrint Manager Pull Print Feature
      • InfoPrint Manager SAP Print Feature
      • InfoPrint Transform Manager Feature
    • For features that are not available for trial, but you have purchased using the subscription license, contact your Ricoh sales representative.
  3. If you are using a subscription license for the first time:
    1. Open the License Key Management Application (LKMA) and delete all the trial licenses. For more information about the License Key Management Application, see Using the License Key Management Application.
    2. Restart the InfoPrint Manager system.
  4. Open a web browser and enter http://localhost:14080/wmi to open the Web Management Interface. The RICOH Cloud Connector setup dialog displays.
  5. Click the Setup Cloud Connector button.
  6. Follow the instructions at$/rcc_Setup to set up RICOH Cloud Connector and install your subscription license.
  7. Restart the InfoPrint Manager system.