DPF working directories

Each DPF host receiver must have two working directories associated with it; one for jobs and one for resources. These directories can only be used by one host receiver and should be reserved exclusively for that host receiver; they should not be used by any other programs or for any other purpose.

When you create a DPF host receiver, InfoPrint Manager will fill in default directory paths for the working directories. If you accept those directories, InfoPrint Manager will create them for you. However, to store your resources somewhere else (for example, on a different hard drive or a different partition), you must create the directory yourself, before you create the host receiver.

If you create your own directories, it is recommended that you create one directory named after the receiver, then two subdirectories inside it, one named Jobs and one named Resources. For example, to name your host receiver hr_ip4000, you would create a directory named hr_ip4000, then create the Jobs and Resources subdirectories under it. When you create your host receiver, you would type E:\hr_ip4000\Jobs for the Jobs directory and E:\ hr_ip4000\Resources for the Resources directory.