Creating an MVS Download receiver

  1. Complete this configuration worksheet.
    Note: Once you create an MVS Download receiver, you cannot change any of its attributes. If you are not certain which options to select or which DCF and Exit to use, skip to step 4. Create your MVS Download receivers after you have reviewed the rest of the MVS Download configuration information.

    MVS Download host receiver worksheet

    Management Console Prompt Description Value
    Port Number The port assigned for communication with z/OS or MVS. This value must be the same as the port assigned during configuration of the host system.  
    Target Destination Name The InfoPrint Manager logical destination to which jobs are routed from this receiver by default. This default can be overridden with the appropriate z/OS or MVS job parameters and printer control file settings. In sample destination control file supplied with InfoPrint Manager, the value of MVS keyword DEST overrides whatever value you specify here.
    Note: This name is case-sensitive.
    Print Control File The file that contains the appropriate attributes for jobs submitted to this receiver. You can use the default file, or you can point to a customized version of this default file.  
    Exit Program Name The program that processes jobs submitted to this receiver from the host and passes the jobs to the requested InfoPrint Manager destination. Typically, the default program o390dsubm.exe is used.  
    Retain command files Indicate whether to save the command files for jobs that do not print correctly. __ yes __ no
    Process one file at a time Indicate whether InfoPrint Manager should wait for a previous job to complete before starting to process the next job. __ yes __ no
  2. Open the InfoPrint Manager Management Console and select Edit → New → MVS Download Receiver.
  3. Use the information from the worksheet to complete the dialog and click OK.

    For more information, see the Management Console help system.

  4. To complete your MVS Download configuration, see InfoPrint Manager for Windows: Procedures, available on your Publications DVD-ROM, and on the Ricoh Web site at