Tools Bar

The menu bar is at the top of the RICOH Account Administration user interface and it is available from any page in the interface.

You can do the following tasks from the top toolbar tabs:

  • Click the arrow next to tenant name to search and switch between tenants.
  • Click the Submit Ideas button to let us know if you have suggestions for improvement of our application.
  • Click the User menu tab to do the following actions:
    • View the tenant username and email
    • View Profile settings
    • View and edit Account details
    • View, edit, add or delete tenant's Users
    • Sign out
  • Click the Help menu button to do the following actions:
    • Click Help to view the RICOH Account Administration User's Guide in HTML format.
    • Click Terms of Use to view the RICOH Account Administration Terms of Use page for your country
    • Click Submit Ideas to open the RICOH Account Administration Submit Ideas site in a new window, where you can make suggestions on how to improve our products.