Downloading RICOH Cloud Connector Logs

If you encounter issues while using RICOH Cloud Connector, you can easily download the application logs, which can help troubleshoot the problem.
To download logs:
  1. Open a web browser window.
  2. Enter the URL for the RICOH Cloud Connector Setup page in the address bar:


    where server_address is the IP address or host name of the computer where RICOH Cloud Connector is installed and port_number is the application port.

    If you are on the computer where RICOH Cloud Connector is installed and you are using the default port, you can go to http://localhost:15180/license.
  3. Click , the Help icon, on the banner and select Download logs.
  4. Save the log package to your system.
    The procedure for saving the file depends on the web browser settings.

    The logs are saved in ZIP format and the resulting package is named, where yyyy-mm-dd and hh_mm_ss represent the date and time when the logs were collected.

    Note: If the RICOH Printer Connector component was installed together with RICOH Cloud Connector, the RICOH Printer Connector logs are also included in the package.