Setting up RICOH Cloud Connector

RICOH Cloud Connector is automatically installed together with the Ricoh product that you purchased.

After the installation of a Ricoh product, the RICOH Cloud Connector Setup page opens and you can see a connection setup dialog window similar to this:

Follow the prompts to set up the connection and register RICOH Cloud Connector with RICOH Account Administration:

  1. Under System Name, check the name of the device that you are working on.
  2. If your company uses proxy servers, ask your IT department for the correct IP address or hostname and port number to use. Select the option I am going to use a proxy that my IT organization has set up to connect to the Internet and make sure the correct values are displayed in the Proxy Settings fields.
  3. Click Generate code.
    You see the Account Administration login dialog.
  4. Log in to Account Administration.
    You see the One-Time Code window and a unique one-time code that is valid for 20 minutes.
  5. Copy the code, return to RICOH Cloud Connector and paste the code in the One-Time Code field.
  6. Click Submit.
If your authorisation is valid, you receive a confirmation message that lets you know that you can access the Ricoh product. Click Close.

You see the License Settings dialog.

It contains all the details that you entered during the setup. You can edit the System Name and Proxy Settings, if necessary.

Click Save changes. You can now return to the licensed Ricoh product and use it.