Setting up a RICOH TotalFlow Print server to connect with RICOH ProcessDirector

The RICOH TotalFlow Print server requires different settings depending on the type of printer you are defining to RICOH ProcessDirector. Follow the appropriate steps for the printer type you are using.
  1. Log in to RICOH TotalFlow Print server as a user with administrator privileges.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. In the left pane, click DFENetwork.
  4. Find Network Services, and look for the correct protocol in the Protocol type list:
    • For Ricoh PDF and Ricoh TotalFlow printers, enable JMF.
    • For AFP printers, enable IPDS TCP/IP.
    • For Passthrough printers, enable either LPR or Hot Folder depending on how you are setting up the Passthrough printer.
  5. For Ricoh PDF and Ricoh TotalFlow printers:
    1. Find Ethernet Adapters.
    2. Select a card and click Edit.
    3. In the list of properties, find the fields IP address of primary DNS server and IP address of secondary DNS server. If they do not contain values, get the correct values from your network administrator and enter them. Click OK.
  6. For all printer types other than AFP printers, in the left pane, click Workflow → Virtual Printers.
  7. Select the virtual printer that you plan to use with RICOH ProcessDirector and click Edit.
  8. Click the Protocols tab.
  9. In the list of Supported submission methods, make sure the correct protocol is enabled.
    • For Ricoh PDF and Ricoh TotalFlow printers, enable JMF.
    • For Passthrough printers, enable the method that you plan to use, such as LPR, Hot Folder, or FTP.
  10. Click OK.