Installing a Web browser

RICOH ProcessDirector requires a Web browser to access and display its user interface. You can access the user interface from the primary computer or from another computer. One of these browsers must be installed and configured on the computer where you access the user interface:

  • Most recent version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Most recent version of Google Chrome
  • Most recent version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

The user interface has a Web-based file viewer that requires a PDF viewer plug-in to display AFP or PDF files so you can select pages to reprint. To view print files, you can use an Acrobat plugin or the default PDF viewers that are included with Firefox and Chrome. A supported version of Adobe Reader must be installed on the computer where you are accessing the user interface:

Adobe Reader requirements for the file viewer

On system: Software required: Obtain from:
Windows Adobe Reader 10,11, or DC

Adobe website. The website tries to detect the operating system and language that your system is running. If you want to download the software in a different language, click Do you have a different language or operating system?

  • To view jobs that use double-byte fonts using an Acrobat plugin in RICOH ProcessDirector, be sure that the font package for the Adobe Reader is installed on your system. This package is available from the Adobe website (
  • Use the latest versions of the Firefox and Chrome browsers to get better functionality from their default PDF viewers.