Viewing object properties

The properties of an object are the characteristics that a user defined, or the status information that RICOH ProcessDirector supplied. Objects include servers, notifications, media, and devices such as input devices and printers. Features might add other kinds of objects as well.
To view the properties of an object:
  1. Open the property notebook for the object:
    • From the Main page:
      1. Find the object in its portal.
      2. Click the name of the object.
    • From the Administration page:
      1. In the left pane, click the object type.
      2. In the table, click the name of the object.
  2. In the property notebook, click the tabs to see different properties, or click Show all tabs to display all the properties on a single page.
  3. To see information about any of the properties, click the Question mark icon icon next to the property name.