Upgrading the DB2 database

When you upgrade RICOH ProcessDirector, you have the option of upgrading the version of DB2 database that is embedded in RICOH ProcessDirector. You can upgrade DB2 database before you start the RICOH ProcessDirector install program, as part of the installation process, or after the install program completes.
If all these statements are true, you can upgrade the DB2 database either manually or as part of the install process:
  • Your current DB2 database and RICOH ProcessDirector system is backed up.
  • The current installed version of the DB2 database is between versions 9.7,10.1, or 10.5.
  • The DB2 database being installed is the version installed by RICOH ProcessDirector and not supplied by an external source.
The default behavior of the RICOH ProcessDirector installation program is to leave the DB2 database at its current level. If you decide to upgrade the DB2 database, we recommend that you upgrade during the RICOH ProcessDirector installation process. If your environment requires that you upgrade outside of that process, you can use scripts provided on the installation media to upgrade the DB2 database. The DB2 database upgrade can be done before or after you run the RICOH ProcessDirector installation program.
  • You can only use the upgrade scripts with the version of DB2 that is installed with RICOH ProcessDirector. If you installed your own version of DB2 to work with RICOH ProcessDirector, you must use the standard upgrade process provided by IBM.

If you manually upgrade the DB2 database before upgrading RICOH ProcessDirector, do not start RICOH ProcessDirector until you upgrade to the new version. Some older versions of RICOH ProcessDirector do not work with newer versions of the DB2 database.

Whether you are installing using a DVD or an ISO image, make sure that you can access the installation media from the primary server. Make sure that you have completed these procedures as needed:

To upgrade the DB2 database as part of the RICOH ProcessDirector install process, follow the instructions provided by the installer. When you get to the Database configuration tab of the installer, select Check to upgrade DB2. If you are using the command line installer, when you get to the Upgrade DB2 section, select 1- Upgrade DB2.

To upgrade the DB2 database manually:

  1. Verify that your system meets the requirements listed above.
  2. Log in to the primary computer as the system user (aiw1 is the default).
  3. Open a command line and type stopaiw
  4. Type su - root and press Enter. When prompted, enter the password for the root user and press Enter.
  5. Go to the directory where the installation media is located and find scripts/upgradeDB2.sh
  6. To run the script, type scripts/upgradeDB2.sh and press Enter.
    • It can take several minutes for the script to complete.

      When the script finishes, the command prompt returns: Successfully upgraded DB2.

  7. Check the installation log for any errors. Go to /opt/infoprint/ippd/logs/installer/ and open upgradeDB2.log.
  8. Verify the DB2 database level on the system. Type /usr/local/bin/db2ls and press Enter.

    The command displays the current DB2 database level along with the install path and install date. If the installation was successful, the DB2 database level is 11.5.8.

  9. If you upgraded the DB2 database before upgrading RICOH ProcessDirector, continue with installing RICOH ProcessDirector. See Installing for more information.
  10. If you upgraded the DB2 database after upgrading RICOH ProcessDirector, start RICOH ProcessDirector and log on to verify that the upgrade was successful.