Using the -ooutbin parameter in JCL and LPD jobtype files

The receive_jcl_jobtype.cfg, receive_lpd_jobtype.cfg, and receive_lpd_pdf_jobtype.cfg control files provided with RICOH ProcessDirector map the value of the -ooutbin parameter to the Job.OutputBin property.

To use the -ooutbin parameter in JCL and LPD jobtype files:

  1. Fill in this table with information from your application, printers, and bins. Each row reflects information about one bin.
    Column 1: Values used in -ooutbin parameter (property value) Column 2: Name of the bin in Properties notebook (object name, outputBin name) Column 3: Printer model (printerModel name) Column 4: Printer bin number (binNumber)
    Example: 9 Example: Stacker9 Example: InfoPrint 2085 Example: 9
  2. Copy this text into a blank text file:
    <IPPD_UpdateData version="1.0" xmlns"xsi="
         <object name="Stacker9" type="OutputBin">
              <property name="OutputBin.BinNumber" value="9"/>
         <printerModel name="InfoPrint 2085">
              <outputBin name="Stacker9" binNumber="9"/>
  3. Edit the text file with the values that you entered in the table:
    1. Copy the <object> and <printerModel> tag sets so you have one set for each row in the table.
    2. Use the values from column 1 for the value attribute of the property tag.
    3. Use the values from column 2 for the name attribute of both the object and outputBin tags.
    4. Use the values from column 3 for the name attribute of the printerModel tag.
    5. Use the values from column 4 for the binNumber attribute of the outputBin tag.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Click the Administration tab.
  6. In the left pane, click UtilitiesImport Objects.
  7. Click and navigate to the XML file that you just created. Click Open.
  8. Click Import.