This workflow demonstrates how to update document property values using a preferences file, then process documents differently based on those values.

The sample workflow uses the ApplyPreferences step to map values from the preferences file to document properties, then update the document properties file as needed. The preferences file contains both a value that is used to identify which documents to set values for and what values to set for each document property. Two properties are set, Output type and Email address. The Output type property takes one of three values - Print, Email or Suppress.

The workflow then groups the documents according to the Output type property into three child jobs that are resubmitted to the parent workflow and proceed along separate branches containing the appropriate steps. One child job processes only documents identified with a Print output type and another processes only documents marked for email. The last job contains only documents that are neither printed nor emailed.

Phases and steps

The illustrations below show the sample workflow as a series of phases. Follow the numbers at the end of the first illustration onto the path with the same number in the next illustration.

Receive and Prepare

Assemble, Print, and Complete