Jobs with XML files

RICOH ProcessDirector can process jobs submitted as XML files. You can submit XML files to a hot folder input device or place an XML file at a location from which the RICOH ProcessDirector server retrieves it.

If you place an XML file at a location from which it is retrieved, RICOH ProcessDirector processes the file as jobs move through the workflow. You submit another type of file to the hot folder to initiate the process. For example, you can submit a print file or a trigger file, such as a file with job overrides or with no content.

Note: The Web Services Enablement feature lets you use SOAP or REST Web service protocols to receive XML data from and exchange it with other applications.

Two step templates manipulate XML:

  • A step based on the CreateJobsFromXML step template creates jobs from elements in an XML file that match an XPath expression.

  • A step based on the ApplyXSLTransform step template transforms XML into a file that specifies the values of RICOH ProcessDirector job or document properties. The step also transforms XML into another XML format.

If an element in the XML files specifies a URL to download a file, you can use the ApplyXSLTransform step to assign the URL to the value of a job property. Then you can use a step based on the DownloadFile step template to download the file.

This usage scenario shows how to process orders in an XML file by setting RICOH ProcessDirector job properties.