Installing features using Feature Manager

After you install the base product, you can install features using the Feature Manager.
  • If you have any RICOH Transform features installed, you must shut down the Transform Features application before you install any feature with Feature Manager. Restart the Transform Features application after the feature installation completes.
To install one or more features using Feature Manager:
  1. Log in as a user authorized to use Feature Manager.
  2. Click the Administration tab.
  3. In the left pane, choose UtilitiesFeatures.
    Some browsers might prevent opening the Feature Manager in a new tab due to the pop-up blockers. Verify your settings and allow Feature Manager to open in a new browser tab.
    If you see an error message, you must start Feature Manager manually:
    1. Log in to the Windows primary computer as an administrator.
    2. Click the Windows Start button.
    3. Type services to search for the Services App.
    4. Click the Services App.
    5. Right-click the Feature Manager Service and select Restart.
    6. Refresh the Feature Manager web page.
  4. If the feature that you want to install is not listed, you must import it.
  5. If the feature that you want to install is in the list, select the check box next to it.
  6. In the Available versions column for each feature, select the version of the feature you want to install.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Review the information in the confirmation window, specify a name for the Installation display name, then click OK to continue.
    The features are installed, then RICOH ProcessDirector restarts to finish the install process.
    Note: If one or more features fail to install, choose one of these options:
    • Click Try again to retry the installation. If the install fails a second time, click Restore this Installation to return to a stable state.
    • Click Restore this Installation to revert the system to the state it was in before this installation.

    If you cannot install a particular feature or restore an installation, contact Ricoh Software Support.

  9. Click DISMISS. The dialog closes and you see the login page.
  10. To complete the installation process, clear your browser cache.
    Information that is stored in the browser cache can cause errors when you try to use the newer level. Clearing the cache prevents those errors.
  11. Log in again.