How to Use the Manuals and Help

Use the instruction manuals and Help according to your needs.
To learn how to install and start this application
See the Setup Guide.
To start working with RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager
See the Quick Start Guide.
To learn about the functions and basic operations of this application
See the User's Guide.
To learn about configuring on-screen settings
See the on-screen field help.

Displaying the instruction manuals (Setup Guide and User's Guide)

Use these procedures to display the instruction manuals (HTML/PDF).

The descriptions in the HTML and PDF formats of the instruction manuals are the same.

  • To display the HTML User's Guide:
    • In the TotalFlow Production Manager user interface, click Help, the help button, at the right of the menu bar, then click Help.
    • If you are not logged in to TotalFlow Production Manager, enter this URL in a web browser: http://hostname:15888/help/index.jsp. The name of the computer where TotalFlow Production Manager is installed is hostname.
    HTML User's Guide
  • To display the PDF manuals, click Start, point to All Programs, then RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager, and then click either Setup Guide or User's Guide.
PDF User's Guide

Displaying balloon help

  • When you mouse over certain items on the pages of the user interface (point without clicking), help for that item appears inside a balloon.
    Help for Move Job button
  • Click Question mark to see balloon help for the property. In the balloon help, click Question mark to display the related page in the HTML User's Guide.
Balloon help