ArchiveLoad_afp2pdf Command

The Archiveload_afp2pdf command is designed to convert AFP into PDF for efficient loading into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, including IBM's Content Manager OnDemand. It uses page group level Tag Logical Elements (TLEs) to determine document boundaries and then converts each document to PDF. The resulting documents are concatenated into one PDF object. An output index file is created that contains the byte level offset and extent, along with the TLE index information for each document in the PDF object. This index file is available in an XML format or an IBM's CMOD Generic Indexer format.

A Windows batch file, Archiveload_afp2pdf.bat, or a UNIX executable script,, invokes the JAVA application to create the PDF object and the output index file. The command invokes the AFP2PDF Plus Transform for each statement so the same configuration and setup for the transform program applies. The Archiveload_afp2pdf.bat module must be placed in the same directory where the AFP2PDF Plus Transform files are installed.