split_afp2pdf Command

The split_afp2pdf command takes an indexed AFP print file, splits it up into separate statements, and invokes the AFP2PDF Plus transform. The input AFP data must be divided into separate page groups (statements) and contain AFP index values for each group. This type of data is created either by the AFP Conversion and Indexing Facility (ACIF), the AFP Visual Environment (AVE) or an equivalent function.

The split_afp2pdf command creates a separate PDF output file for each statement. The name of the output file corresponds to at least a single associated index value. For example, if the index field ACCOUNT is selected, each output file is named with the actual account ID (such as 123456.pdf).

A Windows batch file, split_afp2pdf.bat, or a UNIX executable script, split_afp2pdf, invokes the JAVA application to split the AFP file. The command invokes the AFP2PDF Plus Transform for each statement so the same configuration and setup for the transform program applies. The split_afp2pdf module must be placed in the same directory where the AFP2PDF Plus Transform files are installed.