Using Custom AFP Raster Font Files

AFP font objects whose names are not listed in the font definition files like csdef.fnt and cpdef.fnt are considered custom.

If the custom font consists of raster characters, the AFP2PDF Plus Transform can be configured to process the AFP font data for high fidelity output. To do this, the transform first looks for the AFP coded fonts, code pages, and character sets entries in the afpfont.fnt file. If the font objects are listed, the transform looks for the necessary AFP font resource data, using this search order:

  1. Resources that are inline with the document data
  2. The resource group file specified on the afp2pdf command
  3. Resource directories

Processing AFP raster font characters provides higher-fidelity output than AFP printed output; but when these small raster characters are presented on the screen, the display may not be optimal because image data is dynamically scaled.