Files Supplied for Mapping Fonts

Font Files and Subdirectories lists the AFP2PDF Plus Transform font support files and the subdirectories of the installation directory in which they are installed.

Font Files and Subdirectories

File File Name Subdirectory Description
Alias file Alias.fnt \font Maps the font type families to PDF font name and optionally specifies the font metric file to use during the transform.
Character set definition file csdef.fnt \font Defines AFP character set attributes, such as point size. It also maps the font character set to the font global identifier.
FND name defaults file csdef.def \font Provides default processing for FND names.
Coded font files icoded.fnt, coded.fnt \font Specify which AFP code page and AFP font character set make up the coded font.
Code page definition file cpdef.fnt \font Maps each AFP code page to indicate which code page map file to use for the AFP2PDF Plus Transform.
Code page map file cpgid.cp \font\maps Defines character identifier mappings. It matches the AFP code page character identifiers and their hexadecimal code points with a corresponding character identifier and ASCII code point available in the PDF environment. The default is Code Page 1252.
Font mapping file afpfont.fnt \font Defines the fonts where the raster character images for the AFP font files are extracted and placed as images in the output PDF.
Custom font metric files Custom-metrics-xx.met \font\Type1 The default location for metric information for custom fonts (optional).