Configuring Client Computers

You can access the TotalFlow BatchBuilder user interface from any system that has access to the network and meets the requirements.

You must perform the following tasks for every computer that accesses TotalFlow BatchBuilder:

web browser configuration
To access the user interface, you must install and configure a web browser on each system, including the one where you install TotalFlow BatchBuilder. The following browsers are supported:
  • Cookies and pop-ups must enabled for the TotalFlow BatchBuilder application
  • A PDF reader is required for viewing TotalFlow BatchBuilder job files.
Important: If more than one locale is available for a language, for example, English (United Kingdom) [en-GB] and English (United States) [en-US], it does not matter which locale you choose.
URL for accessing the user interface
To open the user interface from client computers, users must enter this URL in the address bar of their browser:
where hostname is the host name or the IP address of the computer where TotalFlow BatchBuilder is installed and port.number is the web service port. The web service port can be set during installation and the default value is 19080.
User login name and password
Inform users of the login names and temporary passwords that you created for them. Users should change their passwords the first time they use the system.
Inform users of the actions they can perform in the TotalFlow BatchBuilder user interface, according to the role that you configured for each of them.