System Objects

The TotalFlow BatchBuilder system is made up of several system objects, including batches, orders, filters, users, alerts, and jobs. You can define detailed attributes, known as properties, for each system object.


An order is a system object used to populate the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system with jobs. Orders are received through input hot folders and can contain one or more jobs. You can also submit orders from the TotalFlow BatchBuilder user interface using the Submit Order option.

You can view all the orders in the system, edit order properties, edit the properties of the jobs within an order, or you can add a job to an order.


A job includes a content file that TotalFlow BatchBuilder accepts and sends for processing. Jobs are introduced in the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system through input hot folders or through order submissions. The jobs are filtered and grouped together in batches and then are sent to output destinations. You can view and edit job properties, change the job state, or delete a job from the system.


A batch is a system object used to group together job files with similar properties. A batch can be created manually or automatically based on predetermined filters. When a batch is created, it is automatically assigned to an output device for processing. A batch contains one or more job files from one or more received orders. You can edit the batch properties, reorder the jobs inside a batch, remove jobs, or add jobs.


Based on specific job attributes, filters select jobs from all the jobs in the system that are not batched. There are five predefined filters in the TotalFlow BatchBuilder system. You can create your own filters and set specific job properties as criteria to select the jobs you want to batch. You can manually create a batch from a filter or a batch is automatically created from a filter using Automation Feature. There are three types of filters: simple, combined, and proof.


All TotalFlow BatchBuilder users must have a unique user name and password. The default user account type is Administrator. As an Administrator, you can create a new user, edit a user, or delete a user. You cannot delete your own account.


You can configure TotalFlow BatchBuilder to display alerts when important events take place in the system. You can create and use alert triggers to configure the conditions when a specific type of alert is dispatched. The TotalFlow BatchBuilder system has a set of default alert triggers.


The TotalFlow BatchBuilder application uses hot folders as input sources. The system receives jobs through input hot folders. There are different types of input hot folders depending on the type of files: PDF/Postscript, XML/Control File, JMF over HTTP, TotalFlow JMF over HTTP and CSV.


Outputs are system objects used to send batches to a specified folder location. There are different types of output hot folders depending on the type of files: PDF/Postscript, PDF/Postscript and XML, PDF/PostScript and CSV, TotalFlow MIME, PDF/Postscript and RPD List File, JMF over HTTP, TotalFlow JMF over HTTP. To create and send batches, you must have at least one output created and defined.