Rejecting service

If you have problems with a service update for InfoPrint Manager software, it is possible to revert to the last applied level installed on the system. To do so, however, you must make sure that a backup of all previously mentioned InfoPrint objects was made at a time when the printing system was at its previous level.

To reject this (and all previously applied but not committed) service, use this procedure:

  1. Log on to your system as root.
  2. Insert the InfoPrint Manager service DVD-ROM into your DVD-ROM drive.

    This lets you access the latest version of the ip_update script that you should always use to reject an InfoPrint Manager for AIX service update.

  3. Make sure that no jobs are currently active on this server. Any active jobs will be interrupted by the service process.
  4. Open a terminal window.

    If you are using CDE, you can open a terminal window by clicking on the terminal icon contained in the front screen (the front screen is the task bar that appears at the bottom of the screen). By default, the terminal icon is contained in a popup menu above the text editor icon that appears on the front screen.

  5. Type this sequence at the command line:
    1. mount /cdrom