Uninstalling InfoPrint Manager for AIX

There are two ways to uninstall InfoPrint Manager for AIX. You can uninstall the application preserving the data, allowing you to reinstall InfoPrint Manager for AIX for further utilization or without data preservation, completely removing all files and file systems, in which case all InfoPrint Manager data will be lost. We strongly recommend that you back up your system in case of uninstallation, as it allows you to restore the system in case you need to.

To uninstall InfoPrint Manager for AIX with data preservation, allowing you to reinstall it keeping the existing objects:

  1. Login as root.
  2. Open a terminal and mount the latest service DVD-ROM running the command:
    mount /cdrom
  3. Run this command:
    /cdrom/setup -u d
  4. InfoPrint Manager will be uninstalled, keeping all data required for it to run in case of a reinstallation.