PSF-other DSS

To submit jobs to a PCL printer in formats other than those the printer accepts (such as PDF, GIF, or a SAP data stream), then driving your printer with a PSF-other DSS is a good choice. You can even configure it to bypass transforming some document formats while transforming all others.

Because the PSF-other DSS drives the printer just like an AIX DSS, everything about the AIX DSS applies. By default, a PSF-other DSS transforms all incoming document formats to PCL4, PCL5, PCL5C, PCL6, or PPDS. For more information about limitations specific to using PSF–Other printer to transform input data types to forward to a PCL printer, see Processing concerns when using the PCL Secondary.

To configure a PSF-other Driver printer not to transform certain input data formats, you use the InfoPrint Manager Administration GUI to perform this configuration task. After you create the PSF Other-Driver attached printer with the Create Printer Wizard, you must go into the Printer Properties notebook for the printer and modify the Formats to RIP at destination field to configure your actual destination for passthru PCL and PostScript jobs. The Formats to RIP at destination field can be found on the Document tab of the Printer Properties notebook when all the available properties are displayed. It might be necessary to click Show More to display all the printer prop