If your input data formats (for example, PDF, PostScript and PCL) are the same as the formats accepted by your printer (you neither need nor desire that data to be transformed), then driving your printer with an AIX DSS is a good choice. An InfoPrint Manager AIX DSS can drive any printer an AIX queue can drive. By using one of the InfoPrint Manager enhanced AIX backends (piorpdm, pioinfo, or pioipps), the AIX DSS also supports accurate job completion and job accounting. Before using one of these backends, you must install the driver files for your printer.

  • The piorpdm provides accurate job completion and job accounting for Ricoh printers. It should not be used with other printers.

The hardest part of creating an AIX DSS is figuring out what the destination-command should be. If you configure an AIX queue for one of your printers, you can find the destination command you need to enter to create the AIX DSS actual destination in the /etc/qconfig file after the