Using InfoPrint Select for Windows with serverless printing

You can use InfoPrint Select to send a job that needs no additional processing to a printer without passing through the InfoPrint Manager server. This function is known as serverless printing or direct IP printing. It allows users to print when there is no need to route the jobs through the InfoPrint Manager server or when the print server is temporarily unavailable. The function provides efficiency by reducing network traffic via direct print connectivity.

One of the advantages of this function is that accurate accounting is still provided. InfoPrint Select sends the job directly to the printer. After successfully printing the job, InfoPrint Select sends the information to the InfoPrint Manager server so that accounting data can be updated. If the InfoPrint Manager server is temporarily unavailable, then InfoPrint Select stores the accounting information and delivers it when the server becomes available.

This InfoPrint Select function is activated via the registry key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RICOH\InfoPrint Select\Configuration by a local InfoPri