Using custom LDAP job authentication with InfoPrint Select for Windows

The InfoPrint Select job submission client requires users to LDAP-authenticate before being allowed to submit jobs. LDAP authentication support allows only authenticated users to print, and to provide information about the users that printed a specific job. LDAP authentication allows InfoPrint Select to provide more accurate accounting information.

The LDAP-enabled InfoPrint Select client must be configured to use an LDAP server that has the GSS authentication option enabled. Only one version of the InfoPrint Select client can be installed at a time. If you install the LDAP version of InfoPrint Select and you want to switch back to the standard non-LDAP version, you can install it over the LDAP version. The installer allows you to install one version of InfoPrint Select over the other and automatically removes the old version. Subsequent updates apply to the current version that is installed.

When the UAC Windows system setting is active, you can change the LDAP configuration settings only when running as Administrator. To use this option, start the InfoPrint Select Login application by right clicking on the icon and selecting "Run as Administrator". The Local Security Policy settings could influence the permission to update the configuration settings. For more information consult the UAC and Local Security Policy Windows documentation.