pdmincfg utility: sets up a minimum InfoPrint Manager configuration in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux


pdmincfg [-s] [ServerName]


Enter the pdmincfg utility to create a minimum InfoPrint Manager configuration.

This minimum configuration consists of one server, one logical destination, one queue, and one actual destination. You can use this minimum configuration to verify that InfoPrint Manager is properly installed and is operational. The pdmincfg utility creates a minimal configuration appropriate for a small InfoPrint Manager installation.


The pdmincfg utility uses this flag:

Causes pdmincfg to start the specified server. If you do not specify this flag, but do specify the ServerName, InfoPrint Manager does not start the server. If you do not request InfoPrint Manager to start the server, InfoPrint Manager assumes it is already up and running.


The argument value identifies the specific object to which the utility applies.

Valid argument value