pdinitports utility: initializes ports in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux


pdinitports [-n NumberOfPorts| MinimumPortNumber MaximumPortNumber]

pdinitports {-h | -?}


For InfoPrint Manager for AIX, use the pdinitports utility to set up InfoPrint Manager to use a specific range or number of port numbers on this system for interprocess communication. By initializing a specific range of port numbers, you can avoid using port numbers that are used by or reserved for other programs.

  1. See the /etc/services file for reserved port numbers. Because InfoPrint does not use the port numbers in /etc/services, you do not have to run this utility if all reserved port numbers are listed there.
  2. Avoid conflicting with any of the port numbers that AIX clients use to send requests to the InfoPrint server; and avoid conflicting with any of the port numbers used by the InfoPrint communi