startsrv utility: starts a server in InfoPrint Manager for AIX or InfoPrint Manager for Linux


startsrv [-c] [-F] [-l] locale [-p] port [ServerName]  startsrv -?


Issue the startsrv utility to create or restart a server. A server:

  • Manages the validation, routing, and scheduling of jobs
  • Manages the printing or transmission process
  • Contains logical destinations, queues, and actual destinations

These conditions can exist when you issue this utility:

  • If the server name you specify with the utility (or the default server name), does not exist, and if you do not specify the -F flag, InfoPrint displays a confirmation message asking to create a new server. If your response is yes, InfoPrint creates the server on the AIX processor from which you enter the utility and then starts the new server.
  • If the server name does not exist, and if you specify the -F flag,